Picture frames are a beautiful part of any home. In this image Katharine Pooley blends her frames into a home setting.
Beautiful picture frames can be found at the Katharine Pooley shop on Walton Street, London, SW3

Real Photographs – A Lost Treasure?!

Most of us are now so digitally-minded that we rarely print photographs. I will make an effort every year to print out my photographs and then select my favourites to display around my home and office.

What do photographs mean to you? Doing a little bit of research it’s amazing to find out that photography started as far back as 1830 and it was as early as the 1980’s that the first digital consumer cameras started to become available. Obviously, we now find ourselves in a world of digital imagery readily available to take at any time and to scroll through on various social media channels.

I do though still find real (non-digital) photographs very uplifting around my home and office, especially as we are not able to spend as much time with loved ones treasured photographs bring welcome memories. I find that its very rare in this busy life to stop and actually study/admire a photograph properly. As well as my personal shots that I keep in classic frames I have a collection of Terry O’Neill shots around my house which are really quirky that capture iconic celebrities, and style icons in candid or unconventional settings. Terry O’Neill captured James Bond-like no other photographer

My favourite photograph frame that has been in my shop for a while is the Shagreen frame which for me is a timeless piece that displays my treasured family photographs so elegantly.

The frames come in various sizes and colours. For further information please do email the shop@katharinepooley.com

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