Katharine’s top 10 tips for styling inspiring home office.

Tip 1: Make it personal, add artwork, framed photos, colourful flowers, objects you associate with happy memories. Even though you are working this is your home – make it feel happy.

Tip 2: Add a statement lamp – itis the easiest way to make your desk more elegant.

Tip 3. Bronze and gold accents work well with soft neutrals to instantly freshen your work area

Tip 4: Why not update your screensaver to be something beautiful and uplifting? I find seasonal flowers work really well – just update them every week and move with the season,

Tip 5: In a smaller room opt for a roman blind rather than curtains. Maximise your natural light and use a large-scale patterned fabric for added interest.

Tip 6. Add a sculptural desk chair for a touch of glamour – fluted upholstery or metal tacking both works well.

Tip 7. Add a beautiful leather desk set and new stationery – a sharp pencil is a sharper mind!

Tip 8. Add chic frames to add colour. With photos of your family and friends they will remind you of happy times and be a great motivation.

Tip 9: I always have jars of colourful sweets at hand on my desk, they offer a much-needed sugar lift & brighten up my desk beautifully – my all-time favourite fruit pastilles.

10. In a smaller apartment adding a neat desk to an alcove or window works well. It’s much more uplifting than facing a wall and at this time we need our vitamin D more than ever.

In these uncertain times, we are all finding new ways to work & live – small changes will make a big difference so play around, have fun and see what works best with what you have.

Wishing you love and health.