Swimming Pool Design

Dreaming of a tranquil, serene and contemporary space, the client at our Notting Hill project desired a beautiful, minimalist yet memorable spa. In creating the interior design for any luxurious home spa, there are a handful of critical criteria to consider: ambient lighting, durable yet impactful finishes and exquisite detailing. The most important element to consider though, is creating a specific ‘wow’ factor that the overall scheme can be built around.

I like to incorporate a feature wall with sculptural pieces to draw the eye; in this case, an incredible ‘living wall’ installation by specialist supplier, Artigreen, creates an incredible verdant backdrop, harnessing nature’s calming energy. The impact of a ‘living wall’ is doubled by the beautiful reflections created in the pool’s surface below. Two life-size ‘Diving men’ sculptures by artist, Nicki Taylor, float elegantly above the tranquil swimming pool. The combined effect adds a sense of life, texture and figurative grace to an architecturally minimalist space.

It is very important to consider the clients’ passions when designing the interior of a luxury home spa. In this case, for example, the client is passionate about Japan and Japanese Art, something that is reflected in the large pair of 19th Century Japanese screens that adorn the walls of the spa. Produced by talented London design studio, DKT Artworks, Japanese elements are also present in the stunning 12 ft high plaster carving of a Bonsai tree “growing” up the back wall of the staircase. Completely unique and incredibly beautiful, this is my favourite piece in the entire property!

A personal passion of mine is to include luxurious, unique and cutting-edge finishes in domestic settings. A spa is the perfect environment for sleek and contemporary finishes, such as this incredible, burnished bronze, poured, metal panelling (which clads the hidden kitchenette and juice bars) from futuristic artist collective, Based Upon.  You can see we created a shoal of fish detail with jewel-like resin inlays to complete the mesmerising effect.